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Transitioning to Modern C++

Write more expressive, efficient, and concise C++ code with ease

O’Reilly’s Boston Training Center, Boston, MA

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Join C++ expert Leor Zolman for a survey of the most important additions to C++11/14/17 (aka Modern C++) introduced since C++11, including the most significant C++14 and C++17 features. If you’re looking for a quick introductory overview of Modern C++, this workshop is for you. It takes a relatively high-level approach rather than delving into implementation techniques and excessive details. You’ll explore Modern C++’s strengths, including:

  • Increased code clarity (lambdas, uniform initialization, auto, new OOD control)
  • Improved performance (rvalue references, move semantics and perfect forwarding)
  • Multithreading (concurrency and atomic types)

You’ll also cover the language’s miscellaneous new convenience features and take a look at some of the key new standard library components (smart pointers, tuples, new STL containers, std::function, and type traits).

This three-day workshop takes place at the O’Reilly Boston Training Center. You’ll have the personal attention of experienced instructor Leor Zolman as you explore the features and capabilities of Modern C++. The workshop consists of lecture, discussion, hands-on exercises, and Q&A (breaks and lunch are included, too). By the end of this course, you’ll be confident in your abilities with Modern C++.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

By the end of this live, hands-on course, you’ll understand:

  • How to use the new language features and library components in Modern C++ in practice
  • How to refactor older C++ code to take advantage of the new features found in Modern C++

And you’ll be able to:

  • Write more powerful C++ code
  • Write C++ code that’s concise, expressive, and highly efficient
  • Advise your teammates on potently powerful Modern C++ tricks and crucial best practices

This course is for you because…

  • You’re an experienced C++ developer who needs to learn how to apply the new facilities of Modern C++ to write more expressive, efficient, and concise code


You should have prior development experience with C++98/C++03.

About your instructor

Leor Zolman

Leor Zolman is a veteran C++ trainer, speaker, and consultant with deep roots in the C++ community. He’s the author of STLFilt, a free C++ error message “decryptor” available for many popular C++ compilers. He’s currently teaching Scott Meyers’ “Effective Modern C++” training course, as well as classes on the STL and other Modern C++ and Legacy C++ topics.

Course outline

  • Day One
  • C++ Timeline
  • Goals for C++11/14
  • Part I: The Simpler Core Language Features
    • auto, decltype, trailing return types
    • Non-member begin()/end()
    • nullptr
    • Generalized function return type deduction (C++14)
    • auto vs. decltype(auto) (C++14)
    • Range for
    • >> in template specializations
    • static_assert
    • extern template
    • noexcept
    • Variadic templates
    • constexpr functions and data
    • Template alias
    • Variable templates (C++14)
    • String-related functionality
    • inline namespaces
    • Attributes
    • Fixed-width integer types
    • Scoped enums
    • long long
    • alignas / alignof
    • Generalized unions and PODs
    • Binary literals (C++14)
    • Single quotes as digit separators (C++14)
  • Part II: Features Supporting Better Class Design
    • Generated functions: default / delete
    • Override control: override / final
    • Delegating constructors
    • Increased flexibility for in-class initializers
    • Inheriting constructors
    • Explicit conversion operators
    • Reference-qualified member functions
  • Day Two
  • Part III: Larger Language Features
    • Initialization
      • – Initializer lists
      • – Uniform initialization
      • – Prevention of narrowing
      • – Lab exercise: New initialization rules
    • Lambdas
      • – Lambda expressions and closures
      • – Capture modes
      • – Lambdas as “local functions”
      • – Generic lambdas (C++14)
      • – Generalized lambda capture (C++14)
      • – Lab exercise: Lambdas
    • Rvalue references and move semantics
      • – lvalues and rvalues (the modern view)
      • – “move” operations
      • – Reference collapsing and universal (“forwarding”) references
      • – Perfect forwarding
      • – When move-enable a type?
      • – The Rule of 5
      • – Lab exercise: Performance characteristics of moving vs. copying
  • Part IV: Concurrency
    • Threads
    • Passing arguments to threads
    • Data lifetime considerations
    • Synchronization with mutexes and locking
    • Avoiding deadlock
    • mutex and mutex-wrapper types
    • Returning values from threads
    • async()
    • futures
    • Querying future status
    • Condition variables
    • Thread-local storage
    • Atomics
  • Day Three
  • Part V: New Library Components
    • std::tuple
    • Lab exercise: Implementing a variadic function template
    • Type Traits
    • Traits classes and tag dispatch
    • Standard type traits
    • std::enable_if
    • Lab exercise: What’s the right way to design a class to be copyable but not movable?
    • New Function/Function Object Facilities
    • std::function
    • std::bind
    • Smart Pointers
    • std::unique_ptr
    • std::shared_ptr
    • std::weak_ptr
    • make_shared and make_unique
    • Fixed-length Array
    • std::array
    • Hash-based Containers
    • std::unordered_*
    • Performance enhancements
  • Epilogue: Is C++ Too Complicated?
  • References and Resources


The course will be held at the O’Reilly Boston Training Center: 2 Avenue de Lafayette, 6th floor, Boston, MA 02111

Lunch will be provided.

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