September 22, 2005

Proposals for the 2006 MySQL Users Conference Now Being Accepted

Sebastopol, CA--The Call for Participation for the 2006 MySQL Users Conference has just opened: an invitation for database experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge of employing MySQL in the real world. The theme for the 2006 conference is Discover. Connect. Succeed. Scale Your Business with MySQL. This annual event brings over 1,000 MySQL developers, DBAs, users, and partners together in Santa Clara, California. The call for participation ends November 7, 2005; the conference takes place April 24-27, 2006.

Building on the success of the 2005 MySQL Users Conference, MySQL AB is once again teaming up with O'Reilly Media to co-present next year's event. Like the 2005 edition, the 2006 MySQL Users Conference will feature a wide range of tutorials and sessions, giving attendees new perspectives of the MySQL universe: from an overview of the latest business and product developments, to an in-depth examination of cost-effective database scale-out, performance optimization, high-availability and other advanced uses of MySQL.

Two types of proposals will be considered: 45-minute session presentations and 3-hour pre-conference tutorials. Proposals should focus on helping attendees:

  • Harness the full power of MySQL, including best practices
  • Learn and use the new features in MySQL 5.0 and MySQL Cluster
  • Build high-volume, transactional web and Data Warehouse applications
  • Master MySQL administration and security
  • Understand how to use MySQL in various real-world application architectures
  • Migrate from proprietary databases to MySQL
  • Employ scale-out through Replication, Clustering, and other tools and techniques
  • Become acquainted with the many excellent MySQL community projects
  • Topics include:

  • Database Administration (DBA) and Security
  • Architecture and Technology
  • Business and Case Studies
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python)
  • Java
  • .NET/Mono
  • MaxDB
  • Migration
  • Performance Tuning and Benchmarks
  • Cluster, Replication, and other Scale-out/High Availability solutions
  • Embedded MySQL: libmysqld and embedded OS environments
  • Community Projects that use MySQL
  • General Topics
  • In addition to informative and inspiring presentations, the conference will feature an expanded exhibit hall to showcase the latest MySQL-related technologies from vendors as well as open source projects. Special evening events for attendees and speakers are also planned to foster networking and fun.

    The 2006 MySQL Users Conference celebrates people, projects, and products that comprise the extensive MySQL ecosystem. The conference illustrates the product's wide-ranging appeal and capabilities, encouraging community members to help create the best database software, gain knowledge, develop tools, and build applications that help grow businesses and nurture individual skills.

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