May 24, 2006

No More Waiting for the Information You Need: O'Reilly Offers PDF Guides on Cutting Edge Technologies

Sebastopol, CA--When Abraham Lincoln said, "The things I want to know are in books," he wasn't necessarily excluding the PDF. It was, after all, some time before the digital age, and although it's possible he was referring to the physical sheets of paper bound between covers, it's more likely that he was speaking of the ideas presented in the literary works themselves. What Abe Lincoln would have loved about the PDF is its viral ability to share important information instantaneously: you can get the information you need when you need it, without waiting for the book to be printed and shipped.

As part of O'Reilly Media's commitment to delivering vital technology information to people who need it, when they need it, O'Reilly is launching an ongoing series of PDF publications to address cutting edge technologies. O'Reilly's PDF guides are in-depth, immediate, timely, and authoritative. Readers can purchase and download the PDFs through the O'Reilly online store, with no restrictions on the ability to save, copy, or print them.

The advantages to readers are numerous. O'Reilly authors can disseminate crucial information as the need arises, without having to wait for enough material to fill an entire book. Production time is reduced dramatically, giving IT professionals and others immediate access to the knowledge they want. Plus, readers can easily search the text, copy and paste handy bits of code into their applications, and take the PDF with them even when they're offline. But most importantly, readers won't have to compromise in their pursuit of timely information--these PDFs provide the high-quality content for which O'Reilly has come to be known.

This month's PDF offerings are available now:

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