November 19, 2008

Embracing the Green! New, Eco-friendly Craft Vol. 9 from O'Reilly Media Features 21 Clever Re-use Projects

Sebastopol, CA—Crafters have always been a resourceful bunch. These DIYers have been recycling for eons, and not just because it was necessary, but rather, because it was fun! Recycling just means that old stuff becomes new stuff, so what's not to love? With a hefty, 43-page special section devoted to the people and projects that embody the latest trends in green crafting, the all new Craft Volume 9 will have you living green—and in style.

From a special section on Green Craft:

In this volume's Handmade section, Craft gets grotesque. Grotesque Menagerie, that is. The beasts of Jessica Joslin's menagerie are equally haunting and compelling, and can be found perched on ornate platforms, carnivalesque balls, or carriages. Also in this section is Sarah Hood's tiny sculpture-like jewelry. Her Organic line transforms paper-thin leaves into necklaces, acorns into bracelets, and living plants into rings.

DIY projects from Craft Volume 9:

Other features from Craft Volume 9:

Celebrating the DIY spirit, Craft is the first project-based magazine dedicated to the renaissance occurring within the world of crafts. Selling for $14.99 and loaded with exciting projects that use unconventional, unexpected and even renegade techniques, materials and tools, Craft celebrates resourceful spirits who undertake amazing crafting projects in their home and community. The quarterly magazine (www.craftzine.com) is published by O'Reilly Media, the premier information resource for technology innovation.

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