March 4, 2002

Access Cookbook--Tasty Programming Recipes to Save You Time and Money

Sebastopol, CA--Sometimes it seems that 90% of the time spent programming is reinventing the wheel, and only 10% is left for creative programming or customizing the features that will really matter. With the popular O'Reilly "Cookbook" format, programmers don't have to spend hours redoing what's already been done. "Some developers learn by reading long treatises covering every aspect of a topic. Others learn best by example. In this book, we've tried to pick some interesting challenges Access developers face, and provide cut-and-paste solutions," says Ken Getz, coauthor of the latest in the O'Reilly "Cookbook" series, Access Cookbook (US $49.95).

"We wanted to provide a killer how-to reference for the Access developer," adds Paul Litwin, one of the co-authors of the Access Cookbook. New or intermediate Access developers looking for a hands-on approach to learning Access will appreciate the comprehensive collection of diverse and immediately applicable examples offered in this just-released cookbook, while experienced Access developers will find that the cut-and-paste solutions--that can be adapted to a wide range of applications--free up valuable time for more challenging projects.

"The time saved in using just one of these 'recipes' will likely pay for the cost of the book, particularly if you've got a humdinger of a problem. Not only do you get instant solutions, but you also get an explanation that helps build understanding," explains Glen Gillmore, Microsoft Product Manager for O'Reilly.

Here are examples of just a few of the 146 problems and solutions offered in Access Cookbook:

The accompanying CD-ROM includes Access databases that contain the solutions for all problems presented in the text.

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Access Cookbook
By Paul Litwin, Ken Getz, Andy Baron
0-596-00084-7, Order Number: 0847
718 pages, $49.95 (US) $74.95 (CA)

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