June 21, 2000

Popular Mac Author + Renowned "In a Nutshell" Format + 15 Years Experience = A Definitive Mac OS Book

Sebastopol, CA--Its common-sense approach, depth of detail, and focus on practical information has made O'Reilly & Associates' "In a Nutshell" series one of the most popular series in computer book publishing history. The nutshell format is perfect for the intuitive and deep Macintosh user. If it's true that "you can learn the Mac in two hours," it is also true that this operating system has hidden depths that, with the just-released Mac OS in a Nutshell , you will be able to plumb. Mac OS in a Nutshell is the reference book you'll keep by your keyboard for those moments when you just need to get under the hood, or answer a question quickly.

"I wanted to write the definitive Macintosh OS book and O'Reilly is the only publisher willing to take the time to do things right. The book took a year of my life. This has been the most rewarding, frustrating, humbling, and exciting year of writing in my 10 years as a freelance writer of twenty books," says author Rita Lewis. "This book is the culmination of a year of research and over 15 years of working with Macs. The book contains an extensive array of tips, tricks, suggestions, and tutorials that span the breadth of the subject. It is a very unusual Nutshell book in that it is full of pictorial examples to illustrate the unique graphical emphasis of this operating system."

Mac OS in a Nutshell covers almost every command and utility, Internet configuration and access, and clever ways to do familiar and not-so-familiar tasks, cutting through the hype and giving practical (and sometimes little-known) details you can use every day in the concise and easy-to-use nutshell format.

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Mac OS in a Nutshell
By Rita Lewis with Bill Fishman
1st Edition June 2000
1-56592-533-5, 368 pages, $24.95 (US)

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