December 8, 2000

O'Reilly's First Again--Piloting P2P Technologies Worldwide with Conference & Book

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The cluster of technologies we're now calling peer-to-peer is a melting pot of ideas that's about to boil over. The O'Reilly P2P Conference, the first and most important conference on P2P, will provide a unique opportunity for developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and those making technology-buying decisions to interact with and engage in conversations with leaders in the peer-to-peer space.

The O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference
February 14-16, 2001
Westin St. Francis Hotel
San Francisco, California

Technical visionaries and business leaders will forge the future of peer-to-peer collaborative networking, and explore the technical, legal, and business dimensions raised by the most revolutionary new Internet applications since the Web. Napster, Gnutella, Freenet, Infrasearch, SETI@Home, Popular Power, Groove, Jabber, UDDI-you name it, they'll all be there under one roof, providing a unique opportunity to meet and learn from the technology and business innovators who are shaping the next generation of pervasive technologies.

Speakers include: Gene Kan, Ian Clarke, Ray Ozzie, Dave Anderson, and others who are shaping the P2P revolution.

"This is the next great thing for the Internet. We haven't even begun to understand or imagine the possibilities."
--Lawrence Lessig, P2P Conference Keynote Speaker

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