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New book by
Mitzi Waltz,
Autistic Spectrum Disorders Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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Interview with Mitzi Waltz: Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Author-advocate Waltz, now studying at the Autism Research Unit, answers questions about the increasing number of diagnoses, potential link with immunizations, autism and genetics, current treatment research, and the impact on families.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders is a new book by Mitzi Waltz, a revised and updated edition of Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

The Diagnostic Merry-Go-Round. The diagnosis of ASD is usually a frustrating process of diagnosis by elimination, after a range of specified conditions in the autistic spectrum and related conditions are ruled out.

Getting a Diagnosis: Starting with a Pediatrician. The journey to a diagnosis of ASD can begin in different ways, but for most it starts in a pediatrician's office.

Tips for Daily Family Life. There are a lot of things about raising a child with ASD that teachers, therapists, and doctors don't know much about. Hints from parents about daily life, including tips on haircuts, bathing, clothing, selecting furniture, and safety precautions.

Record Keeping. Some advice on what records to keep, and how.

Stresses on Families. This article shares some problems of families under stress and methods for coping. Problems addressed include withdrawal or overinvolvement by a parent, effect on siblings, isolation, finding the right therapist, separation and divorce, single parents, non-custodial parents, and adoption and foster care.

Parenting: Disciplining a Child with PDD. Whole families are affected by PDDs. This article focuses on discipline issues: how do you respond when "normal" parenting advice may not apply?

Direct and Indirect Financial Support for Families. Some programs are available that may provide you or your family with financial support. Even though the amounts may be small, they may allow you to stretch already strapped resources.

After an IEP is in Place: Educational Issues. Your job in helping your child become educated in school doesn't end once you have an educational plan in place. This article addresses issues such as: monitoring progress, extended school year services, dealing with behavioral dilemmas, suspension and expulsion, 504 plans, taking on the school system, private schools, homeschooling, and transition planning.


  • Books and Other Resources
    • Autistic spectrum disorders
    • Books by adults with ASDs
    • Children's books
    • Websites about ASDs
    • General disability
    • Health care and insurance
    • Parenting and siblings
    • Special education
    • Childproofing
    • Special-needs clothing
    • Specific therapeutic interventions
    • Transition planning and adult issues

  • Support and Advocacy
    • National autism/ASD organizations
    • Online support groups
    • Related conditions
    • General special needs
    • Legal advocacy

  • PDD Connections WebRing
    This is the home page for a WebRing (web sites linked one to another, as in a circle) designed to help people find useful information about pervasive developmental disorders. Topics include a definition of autism, pervasive development disorders, and related resources. This WebRing is helpful for anyone living with, or trying to understand a child with ASD.

  • Diagnostic Tools
    • The Autism Research Institute's Form E-2 Check List
    • The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS).

  • Research and Testing Facilities

  • Medication Reference
    Describes the medications that may be prescribed for ASDs.

  • Supplement Reference
    Great resource for nutritional supplements and herbal remedies pertinent to ASDs.

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