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Live Longer, Live Larger: A Holistic Approach for Cancer
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Colon and Rectal Center
This information center has been created especially for people with colon or rectal cancer and their families.
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Oncologist-therapist team Bill & Susie Buchholz, authors of Live Longer, Live Larger give tools to patients for thriving with cancer:

Questions about Clinical Trials. This article discusses the importance of clinical trials; their structure, advantages and disadvantages; and how to research them.

If you are keeping up with all colon cancer research, ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources) now has a search feature to scan the MedLine literature for recent additions in a particular disease type. For recent articles, it's easier than searching MedLine because you don't have to go in and set search limits/dates.

Support from Your Community. Support groups are not the only place to find support: people in your work and home communities may be very willing to lend a hand.

Support Groups. Various cancer organizations offer an almost staggering variety of services to colorectal cancer survivors, most of them free. (Under "Resources" on this home page, are also lists of and links to general cancer support groups and support groups oriented specifically to colorectal cancer patients.)

Novel Substances for Treatment. Treatments now in clinical trials are listed, organized by mode of action.

Reducing the Effects of Stress. Reducing stress can help prevent certain infections and other conditions, the worsening of autoimmune diseases, and stress-induced diarrhea and constipation while improving your ability to cope with colorectal cancer.

Experiencing Radiotherapy. Most radiotherapy used for colorectal cancer is external radiotherapy and is administered in the outpatient setting. This article describes different forms of radiotherapy and walks you through an outpatient treatment.

Stress and the Immune System. There are no proven links between cancer and stress or personality types. However, the effects of stress and personality on the inception and growth of cancer are unclear and are still being studied.

Side Effects of Treatment. This article describes side effects of colorectal cancer treatment (except for those related to surgery, which hospital medical staff are likely to notice before the patient does) and what can be done about them. Some patients have very little or no discernible side effects from treatment.


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