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The following suggested reading list, related to Hydrocephalus, is from the book Hydrocephalus: A Guide for Patients, Families, and Friends by Chuck Toporek & Kellie Robinson, copyright 1999, published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. To order, or get more information about this book, call 1-800-998-9938. Permission is granted to print and distribute this list of resources for noncommercial use as long as the above source is included. This information is meant to educate and should not be used as an alternative for professional medical care.


Hydrocephalus: A Guide for Patients, Families, and Friends. Chuck Toporek & Kellie Robinson. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 1999. Book on which this Web site is based, and from which these resources are taken. Looks at medical, practical, and emotional experience of dealing with hydrocephalus, from the patients point of view.

About Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: A Book for Adults and Their Families Hydrocephalus Association. To receive a copy, contact the Hydrocephalus Association. Phone: (415) 732-7040 or http://www/neurosurge

Eye Problems Associated with Hydrocephalus (Information Sheet). Adapted from a presentation made by Marijean Miller, M.D., Children's National Medical Center, at the 5th National Conference on Hydrocephalus for Families and Professionals, and an article by I. M. Rabinowic, M.A., R.R.C.S., D.O., for the Spina Bifida Association. Provided courtesy of the Hydrocephalus Association, © 1998. This fact sheet can be obtained from the Hydrocephalus Association at no cost.

The Shunt Book. J. M. Drake and C. Sainte-Rose. Blackwell Science, 1995.

For children and teens

The Human Brain Coloring Book. M. C. Diamond, A. B. Scheibel, and L. M. Elson. HarperPerennial, 1985.

Just Like Any Other Beagle. Cordis Corporation. 1992. Copies of this coloring book are available from Cordis Corp., P.O. Box 025700, Miami, FL 33102-5700. Phone: (800) 327-7714, or (305) 824-6040. Fax: (305) 824- 2050.

Keeping a Head in School: A Student's Book about Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders. Levine, Mel. 1994. ISBN 0-838824-69-7. 297 pp.

Shelly, the Hyperactive Turtle. Moss, Deborah. 1989. ISBN 0-933149- 31-X. 20 pp.

Health care

The HMO Health Care Companion: A Consumer's Guide to Managed Care Networks. Alan G. Raymond. HarperPerennial, 1994. ISBN 0-06- 095080-3.

The HMO Survival Guide. Sue Berkman. Villard Books/Random House, Inc., 1997. ISBN 0-679-77816-0.

Hospital Smarts: The Insider's Survival Guide to Your Hospital, Your Doctor, the Nursing Staff–and Your Bill!. Theodore Tyberg and Kenneth Rothaus. Hearst Books, 1995.

The Intelligent Patient's Guide to the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Barbara M. Korsch, M.D. and Caroline Harding. Oxford University Press, 1997.

Managed Care Beware: Five Steps You Need to Know to Survive HMOs and Get the Care You Deserve. Harvey M. Shapiro, M.D. Dove Audio, Inc., 1997. ISBN 0-7871-1189-9.

Medical-Surgical Care Planning, 2nd Edition. Nancy M. Holloway, RN, MSN. Springhouse Corporation, 1993. ISBN 0-87434-489-1.

Medical Records: Getting Yours. Public Citizen, 1995.

Medicare Made Simple: A Consumer's Guide to the Medicare Program. Denise Knaus. Health Information Press, 1996. ISBN 1-885987-00-5.

Mind Body Medicine: How to Use Your Mind for Better Health. Daniel Goleman and Joel Gurin, eds. Fairfield, OH: Consumer Reports Books, 1993. 9180 LeSaint Drive, Fairfield, OH 45014.

Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, 3rd Edition. Kathleen D. Pagana, Ph.D., R.N. and Timothy J. Pagana, M.D., F.A.C.S. Mosby-Year Book, Inc., 1997. ISBN 0-8151-4327-3.

Naked to the Bone: Medical Imaging in the Twentieth Century. Bettyann H. Kevles. Rutgers University Press, 1997.

The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs, Revised and Updated. Medical Economics Company, Inc., 1997. Printed by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. ISBN 0-671-01454-4.

Take Charge of Your Hospital Stay: A "Start Smart" Guide for Patients and Care Partners. Karen Keating McCann. Plenum Press, 1994.

Take this Book to the Hospital with You. Charles Inlander. St. Martin's Mass Market Paper, 1997.

Working with Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve. Nancy Keene. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1998.

Your Child in the Hospital: A Practical Guide for Parents, 2nd Edition.. Nancy Keene and Rachel Prentice. O'Reilly & Associates, 1999.


Armfuls of Time: The Psychological Experience of the Child with a Life- Threatening Illness. Barbara M. Sourkes, Ph.D. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995.

Directory of Hydrocephalus Support Groups. Hydrocephalus Association, 1998. This directory is a listing of all known hydrocephalus support groups including address, telephone number, contact person(s), and a description of services and resources provided. To receive a copy, contact the Hydrocephalus Association.

Making Therapy Work: Your Guide to Choosing, Using, and Ending Therapy. Fredda Bruckner et al. New York: Harper & Row, 1988. Excellent book full of practical advice on how to find the right therapist, and get the most out of your sessions, and when to end therapy.

Organizing and Maintaining Support Groups for Parents of Children with Chronic Illness and Handicapping Conditions. Minna Newman Nathanson. Association for the Care of Children's Health. 19 Mantua Road, Mount Royal, NJ 08061; phone: (609) 224-1742; fax: (609) 423-3420; email:; Web:

Starting/Running Support Groups, 3rd Edition. Buz Overbeck and Joanie Overbeck. TLC Group, 1992.

Vistas of Challenge: Profiles of Inspring People and Their Courage. Seryl Sander. New York: Mesorah Publications, 1996. (800) MESORAH, or (721) 921-2000.

When You Worry About The Child You Love: Emotional and Learning Problems in Children. Edward Hallowell. 1997. ISBN 0-684832-68-2. 288 pp.


Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1990 (EHA). Public Law 101-476 (S. 1824). This law is a series of amendments, including changing the name from EHA to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The text of this law can be obtained from the Library of Congress, or online: bin/query/C?c101:./temp/~c1015wOMXZ

Educational Care: A System for Understanding and Helping Children with Learning Problems at Home and in School. Mel Levine. 1994. ISBN 0- 838819-87-7. 325 pp.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997. Public Law 105-17 (H.R. 5). Better known as IDEA æ97, this law amends P.L. 101-476 with stronger provisions for guaranteeing access to specialized education for children with disabilities. The text of this law can be obtained from the Library of Congress, or on the Web at: http://thomas.loc .gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d105:HR00005:|TOM:/bss/d105query.html

Negotiating the Special Education Maze: A Guide for Parents and Teachers, 3rd Edition. Winifred Anderson, Stephen Chitwood, and Deidre Hayden. 1997. ISBN 0-933149-72-7. 264 pp.

Smart Kids with School Problems: Things to Know and Ways to Help. Priscilla Vail and Patricia Vail. 1989. ISBN 0-452262-42-9. 256 pp.

The Special Education Sourcebook: A Teacher's Guide to Programs, Materials, and Information Resources. Michael S. Rosenberg and Irene Edmond-Rosenberg. 1994. ISBN 0-933149-52-2. 325 pp.

"What Does IDEA æ97 Say About Evaluations, Eligibility, IEPs and Placements." Rud Turnbull, Kate Rainbold, and Amy Buchele-Ash. TASH Newsletter. December 1997/January 1998.

Learning disabilities

ADD and Adolescence: Strategies for Success from CHADD. CHADD. Paperback, 134 pp. Can only be ordered from CHADD's distributor, Caset, by calling (800) 545-5583, or from the ADD Warehouse Catalog at (800) 233-9273.

ADD and the College Student: A Guide for High School and College Students with Attention Deficit Disorder. Patricia O. Quinn. 1994. ISBN 0-945354-58-4. 128 pp.

Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood through Adulthood. Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey. 1995. Two cassette tapes, ISBN 0-671899-83-X.

Learning About Learning Disabilities, 2nd Edition. Bernice Y. L. Wang. 1998. ISBN 0-127625-32-1. 784 pp.

Maybe You Know My Kid: A Parent's Guide To Identifying, Understanding, and Helping Your Child With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Mary Fowler. 1998. ISBN 1-559724-90-0, 256 pp.

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: The Syndrome and the Model. Byron P. Rourke. 1989. ISBN 0-898623-78-2. 253 pp.

Nonverbal Learning Disorder Syndrome Information Sheet. Emily Fudge. Adapted from a paper by Rochelle Harris, David H. Bennett, Brian Belden, Lynne Covitz, and Vicki Little, of the Section of Developmental Medicine and Psychology, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO.

Out of the Fog: Treatment Options and Coping Strategies for Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Kevin R. Murphy and Suzanne LeVert. 1995. ISBN 0-7868-8087-2. 300 pp.

Women With Attention Deficit Disorder: Embracing Disorganization at Home and in the Workplace. Sari Solden. 1995. ISBN 1-887424-05-9. 288 pp.

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