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12/00 Antinausea Drugs Used During Chemotherapy. This article describes the most common drugs used to relieve nausea caused by chemotherapy.
12/00 Sibling Experiences. Reading here about the experiences of siblings of children with cancer can help you better understand what they may be feeling and help them cope.
12/00 The Medical Team. It is vital that parents and the healthcare team establish and maintain a relationship based on excellent medical care, good communication, and caring. In this partnership, trust is paramount.
12/00 Chemotherapy Drugs. This article describes the most common drugs used to destroy cancer cells and drugs used to bolster low blood counts. It also presents experiences of children who were treated with several of these drugs.
11/00 Coping with Insurance. You can minimize insurance problems with a little preparation at the very outset of your child's illness. This article guides you through the process.
11/00 Interactions with Friends. Surprising things may happen in relationships with friends when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Here, parents offer ideas for helpful thins friends can do and share ideas on things that do not help.
10/00 Types of Procedures. Understanding what will occur during a medical procedure and what other parents do to prepare their children will arm you with essential information.

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