O’Reilly Answers for Slack

Introduction to O’Reilly Answers for Slack

O’Reilly Answers is an advanced natural language processing engine that finds quick solutions to challenging technical questions. Just ask a question and O’Reilly Answers leverages machine learning techniques to scan expert content across thousands of O’Reilly titles to deliver highly relevant content snippets to further explore.

You can use O’Reilly Answers without leaving Slack.

Installing and Activating the O’Reilly Answers Slack App

The O’Reilly Answers Slack app is only available to current O’Reilly enterprise customers. To use the O’Reilly Answers Slack app, your organization’s Slack admin needs to install the app and then activate it. Follow the steps on our O’Reilly Answers for Slack page to get started.

Using SSO deep Links with the O’Reilly Answers Slack app
If your company is using single sign-on (SSO) we can enable the O’Reilly Answers Slack app to use deep links. The benefit of using deep links is that the Full Text links from Slack will authenticate you seamlessly. To enable deep links with the O’Reilly Answers Slack app, contact Customer Support after you’ve installed the app.

Using O’Reilly Answers in Slack

In Slack, just type /oreilly-answers followed by your tech question. It’s that simple. For example:

/oreilly-answers How do I fine-tune a model?

O’Reilly Answers will respond to your question with highly relevant snippets of content right within Slack.

More Answers
Use the “More Answers” button to flip through the suggested answers. We’ll show a maximum of 8 possible answers and you’ll be taken back to the first answer when you get to the end.

Full Text
To read the full text of an answer in context click the “Full Text” button and you’ll be taken directly to that snippet of content within the O’Reilly Learning platform.

Share Answers
To share a helpful answer with others in Slack click the “Post” button and the answer you selected will be posted to the channel where you asked the question.

If you want to share an answer in a private channel you’ll need to invite the O’Reilly Answers app to the channel first. Simply type:

/invite @O’Reilly Answers

If you want to share an answer in a direct message you’ll need to create a group message and include O’Reilly Answers in the group. You can add O’Reilly Answers the same way you would add another person.