Get the Metrics That Matter

Go beyond the amount of material your users are consuming to truly understand exactly how they’re learning—whether it’s developing brand new skills or solving problems while they work—and the value they’re deriving.

Only our in-depth insights provide both content and context that empower you to make confident decisions about your learning program.

Results that tell a story about your team

Learning effectiveness is demonstrated through outcomes, not simply by course completion or a certificate. Get a holistic view of how—and how much—your team is learning.

Learning patterns

When people consume content through online learning, they follow a specific pattern that can be defined in one of two ways: linear or nonlinear. Learning Patterns allow you to differentiate between comprehensive knowledge building (linear) and quick problem solving (nonlinear) to create a complete picture of exactly how your team is learning.

Get insight into your team’s preferred behaviors in a specific topic area by understanding how often your employees are following each pattern.


Content is consumed in a continuous and sequential order. Your employees are building new skills.


Content is consumed out of sequence. Your users are pinpointing the specific information they need to solve a problem and apply it to their work.

Topic engagement

Topic Engagement insights allows you to see which topics they’re developing expertise in and those that are emerging trends. Our detailed topic engagement insights allow you to ensure that their focus aligns with your key organizational goals and gives you the ability to stay ahead of your team’s learning needs.

Get peace of mind that your employees are developing expertise in the topics that are most critical to your organization, and staying ahead by building skills in the areas that will matter to your business tomorrow.


Employees have shown significant interest in a particular topic—it’s a core focus for them.


Employees have shown interest in a new topic (beyond browsing), but haven’t consumed enough content for it to be a core focus area.

We help people learn to do

By giving people the knowledge and skills to solve challenging problems, we inspire them to change their world and see what’s possible for the future. It’s something we’ve been doing for nearly 40 years.

Team workers solving a problem
The Learning Patterns tool is the next step in understanding our learner's paths to knowledge. Not only does it provide insight into their usage, but more importantly it shows us how their usage is tied to the overall learning journey.
Sharon Golan, senior program manager technical training & enablement, Avaya