Live online training with Paris Buttfield-Addison and Jon Manning

Friday, November 20, 2015 | 7:00am – 3:00pm PST

Programming with Swift v2 Solid fundamentals for iOS and OS X development

Join experts Paris Buttfield-Addison and Jon Manning for an in-depth introduction to programming in Swift, used for developing iOS and OS X apps and services. This course focuses on Swift v2.0, which was introduced with Xcode 7 and iOS 9. We’ll start by getting up to speed with the Swift language, becoming familiar with its fundamentals. Then we’ll explore the details of Swift and its standard library, including some of the more sophisticated language features.

Swift is a new language designed for power, safety, and flexibility. Taking inspiration from a diverse range of languages including Objective-C, Rust, Python, C#, and Ruby, Swift provides an extremely capable toolkit for writing great code quickly. Over the next several years, Swift will increasingly become the language of choice for developing iOS and OS X apps and services.

We’ll use Playgrounds for most of this workshop to teach programming with Swift. We’ll begin with tools used to write Swift code, and examine the Swift syntax. We’ll then go through a series of deep-dives into how Swift handles common programming topics such as object-orientation, access control, and interoperating with other languages. We’ll also explore using CocoaTouch to make iOS applications.

Paris Buttfield-Addison

Paris Buttfield-Addison

Jon Manning

Jon Manning

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to program in Swift, build Swift apps, and make iOS apps using Swift. You’ll be ready to dive into Swift on your own, understanding what makes a Swift app a Swift app.

This course is structured as a follow-along workshop. Also note that all of the course content was developed with teams in mind.

Who should attend

This course is intended for programmers who have no hands-on experience with Swift, but do have experience in any modern language, e.g., a year or more working in Python, Java, C++, C#, etc.

  • mobile developers who want to level-up to the latest technology
  • Objective-C developers now moving to work in Swift
  • anyone who wants to learn how to build iOS apps
  • these skills generally apply to Mac OS X apps as well

If you are involved in writing apps and services to related to Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhones, iPads, or Macs, you need to become familiar with Swift.


  • familiarity with using Mac OS X
  • access to a Mac with Xcode installed
  • an iOS device is not needed for this course


  • Playgrounds
  • Swift’s syntax
  • The niftiest little type system
  • Closures and functions
  • Classes and protocols
  • Generics
  • Custom operators
  • Literal convertibles
  • Integrating with other languages
  • Working with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch
  • Solving common problems using Swift

About the instructors

Paris Buttfield-Addison

Paris Buttfield-Addison is a producer and co-founder at Secret Lab, a mobile development studio based in beautiful Hobart, Australia. Secret Lab builds games for mobile devices, and primarily for children, such as the AIMIA winning (2014) ABC Play School apps for iPad.

Paris formerly worked with Meebo (which was acquired by Google) as mobile product manager. He has a BA in History, and a PhD in Computing/HCI, and has written nearly a dozen technical, game design, and mobile development books, mostly for O’Reilly Media.

Paris can be found on Twitter @parisba. He still thinks digital watches are a pretty neat idea. For more info visit Secret Lab or

Jon Manning

Jon Manning is a world renown iOS development trainer and writer, game designer and mobile software engineering wizard. He has co-authored two books on mobile development and enjoys re-implementing such things as OpenGL and the Objective-C runtime (in his spare time). Jon is also a researcher in Human-Computer Interaction working towards a PhD.

“Among the most informative and inspiring events I have ever participated in.”

“A big shot of intellectual adrenaline that money can't buy. Provocative and priceless.”

“Totally AMAZING experience!”

“Very successful. It makes me wait for future X | Media | Labs.”

How Do I Game Design? Design games, understand people!

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Developer Tools (30 minutes)

  • Xcode
  • Live coding with playgrounds
  • Timelines
  • The REPL
  • QuickLook
  • Using swift in scripts

Swift’s Syntax (1.5 hours)

  • Variables and Constants
  • Optionals
  • If-Let
  • Type inference
  • Collections: arrays, dictionaries, tuples, sets
  • Iterating through collections
  • Guard
  • Switches and pattern matching
  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Classes and Structs
  • Initialisers and de-initialisers
  • Extensions
  • Access control
  • Properties
  • @convention and C function pointers

Advanced Swift Syntax (1 hour)

  • Error
  • Defer
  • Swift’s type system
  • Protocols
  • Generics
  • Enums
  • Custom operators
  • Literal convertibles
  • Type casting
  • Overflow operators
  • Protocol extensions

Lunch break (1 hour)

Working with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch (1.5 hours)

  • AppKit and UIKit
  • View controllers
  • Views and controls
  • Outlets and actions
  • @autoclosure
  • Swift and Objective-C/C/C++ in the same project

Solving common problems using Swift (30 minutes)

  • Map, Reduce, Sort, Filter
  • Working with strings
  • Formatting dates and numbers
  • Serializing data to disk

Open Source Swift Libraries (1 hour)

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Participants receive live online training + video + ebook

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  • Interaction with the instructor and fellow attendees
  • Real time Q&A sessions
  • Post-workshop video
  • Free copy of the Learning Swift ebook
  • An O’Reilly Certificate of Completion
Individual ticket: $499

Participate in this workshop from the convenience of your home, your office…whatever environment you find most comfortable and conducive to an intensive educational experience.

Group ticket: $1749

Project the workshop on a screen in a meeting room and invite your professional colleagues to participate. Learning alongside each other is a great team-building experience.

Once you have registered, further details about joining the workshop will be available in your account, along with related ebooks and files. After the event concludes, a video of the event will be added to your account.

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