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CGI Programming on the World Wide Web

CGI Programming on the World Wide Web

By Shishir Gundavaram
1st Edition March 1996

This book is out of print, but it has been made available online through the O'Reilly Open Books Project.

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F program
Utilities and Applications
Configuring SSI for the CERN Server
FAQ on CGI programming
Why does my HTML page/form need a s...
Is it true that /$user_variable/ is...
Online Documentation
file size : Tailoring SSI Output
<FILE> tags : User Access Counter
append mode : CGI Side Includes
as boilerplates : Including Boilerplates
locking : Graphic Counter
reading/writing from : Opening, Reading, and Writing Files
statistics on : File Statistics
fill command : Digital Clock
filledPolygon method : System Load Average
findfont operator : Digital Clock
flastmod command
File Statistics
flock function : Graphic Counter
font style (pgperl) : Web Server Accesses
"Forbidden" status code : Status Codes
fork command : Forking/Spawning Child Processes
forking child processes
Forking/Spawning Child Processes
<FORM> tag
How can I call a Perl CGI program w...
The FORM Tag
Quick Reference to Form Tags module
formatting date and time : Tailoring SSI Output
I want the user to fill in a form a...
Form Creation and Parsing
Forms and CGI
Advanced Form Applications
buttons on
Submit and Reset Buttons
Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
for calendar manager
Forms and Displays
Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
in AppleScript
in C
C/C++ decoding using libcgi
in C shell
C Shell (csh)
in C++
C/C++ decoding using libcgi
in Tcl
in Visual Basic
Visual Basic
hidden fields in
Text and Password Fields
Hidden Fields
input from
Accessing Form Input
Encoded Data
menus : Menus and Scrolled Lists
multipart : Multipart Forms
Multiple Form Interaction
Netscape Persistent Cookies
Magic Cookies
query strings
Query Strings
radio buttons
Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
scrolled and selection lists : Menus and Scrolled Lists
security of
sending data to server
Sending Data to the Server
Understanding the Decoding Process
Quiz/Test Form Application
text and password fields
Text and Password Fields
Multiline Text Fields
fsize command
File Statistics
FTP (see Archie)

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