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from Jerry Peek

You wouldn't be reading this book without all the help I got from people and organizations.

The RAND Corporation placed MH in the public domain; The University of California at Irvine maintains it. A lot of the popularity of MH (and development of xmh) are probably due to this -- also, of course, to the efforts of authors, maintainers and the many other people who've helped with MH and xmh.

The third edition has sections from two other authors: Bill Wohler and Brent B. Welch. Bill gave hundreds of hours of his own time, over six months or more, to write the chapters about mh-e. His careful research caused a new version of mh-e to be released. Bill did lots of writing and revisions; he even put in the icky troff formatting codes. Brent, the author of exmh, agreed to write his chapters at the last minute when I wasn't able to write about exmh myself. He took time out from writing a book of his own -- and, in a week or so of hard work, wrote far more about exmh than I ever could have. If you use this book's emxh or mh-e sections, you can thank these two volunteers!

Two employees of RAND, Phyllis Kantar and the late Isaac Salzman, reviewed the first edition of this book and gave me other helpful information. Bruce Borden, who did much of the early MH work at RAND, gave me perceptive and useful comments about the first edition.

The honor roll for the first and second editions is long. Terry Weissman of Silicon Graphics, Inc. reviewed the book and wrote the history of xmh. Donna Converse of the X Consortium reviewed the xmh chapters, sent an example I used, and more, on a tight schedule. Big thanks to Einar A. Stefferud at the University of California, Irvine, his colleagues and students, including James McHugh, Jerry N. Sweet, Nanette Lee, Selina Wan, Steven Chou, Wai-Hung David Lee, Simi Dhaliwal, Jimmy Man -- and Frances J. Tong, who read the book several times. John L. Romine of U.C. Irvine put me in touch with Stef and helped in other ways, too. People who reviewed the book, contributed material and gave other assistance include (in no particular order): Edward Levinson, Michael J. Edelman, Eli Charne, Edward Vielmetti, and Eric Koldinger. Thanks to several people and departments at Syracuse University: Paul M. Jackson, who read much of the draft; Academic Computing Services for laser printing and my manager at ACS, John Holt, for flexibility in my work schedule. Kismet McDonough of O'Reilly & Associates copyedited the first edition. My father, H. Milton Peek, read the first edition and did a superb proofreading job. And a special thanks to Robin Miller for her encouragement and support.

I couldn't have written this third edition without all the help from the people who reviewed the new sections on MIME: Jonathan Corbet, John Galvin, A. P. Harris, Hans Petter Holen, Earl Hood, Todd Kover, Sylvain Langlois, David L. Miller, Mark R. V. Murray, Ken Nawyn, John A. Perry, Marshall T. Rose, John Sechrest, Antony Sou, John N. Stewart, Jerry Sweet, and La Monte H. Yarroll. They put up with a whole series of snafus and still gave me incredibly helpful comments. I especially appreciate the help of Kimmo Suominen. He reviewed the draft, gave me lots of tips from a non-U.S. perspective, and wrote email messages that helped to form the Section International Character Support. Seth A. Maislin did an excellent copyediting job on the MIME, mh-e, and exmh sections; he also helped with indexing.

Nicole Gipson managed the production of the third edition; she learned all of this book's ins and outs at the last minute. You wouldn't be reading this book if my manager, Frank Willison, hadn't agreed that it needed a third edition! Finally, thanks to Tim O'Reilly. Tim gave me the chance to write my first book. He also edited the first two editions.

-- Jerry Peek

From Brent Welch

The next acknowledgments are from the author of the exmh chapters (and of exmh itself):

I would like to acknowledge the support of my wonderful work place, the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and my boss, Mark Weiser. While I fostered the use of Tcl and Tk in a variety of projects around the lab, the lab supported me as I worked on exmh. Dave Nichols helped by writing the flist program and providing feedback as one of the first exmh users at PARC. Several exmh users from around the Internet contributed substantially to the the program, too. Most notable are John LoVerso, Chris Garrigues, Stefan Monnier, Anders Klemets, and Allan Downey.

-- Brent B. Welch

From Bill Wohler

The author of the chapters on mh-e has this to say:

Hats off to Jerry for putting a great book together, for letting me get my fingers in the pie, and for patiently answering my millions of questions along the way. We all should thank Stephen Gildea of the X Consortium for the wonderful job he's doing maintaining mh-e. In particular, he's provided tremendous factual assistance to me and reviewed my chapters with a scanning electron microscope.

A handful of folks provided incredible technical reviews: Curtis Bingham of Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Vivek Khera of Khera Communications, Inc.; Fred Douglis of AT&T Bell Laboratories; Patrick O'Callaghan of Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela); Jeffrey C. Honig of Cornell University; Paul Furnanz of Mentor Graphics; Tim O'Donoghue of Canon Research Europe (UK); Tomaz Borstnar of Arnes (Slovenia); and Toshiyuki Sakanaga of OMRON Software (Japan). I'd also like to thank the denizens of the net who provided answers to questions I had posted.

Finally, I'd also like to thank my good friends Lynn Brinton and Greg and Sonya DesBrisay for their enthusiasm and support, for proofreading my stuff, and for not forsaking me when I made my occasional "crunch-mode" disappearances (like when I received the technical reviews).

-- Bill Wohler

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