Chapter Introduction (Customizing xmh)

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When using MH or xmh, you'll notice that they may not work exactly the way you want them to. It's easy to customize xmh, add new commands and features, and more. For a lot of the work, you don't have to be a programmer.

This chapter shows you how to change xmh under X11 Release 6. (A lot of this doesn't apply to Release 3, but many of the techniques work the same way. You can use almost all of this with xmh Releases 4 and 5.) I'll explain how to change the way that buttons work, add or modify accelerators, add new buttons with your own commands, change the size of windows and areas, modify the way replies look, and modify the way the Table of Contents looks. Finally, you'll learn some techniques for "snooping" on xmh, to see which MH commands it uses and, with some experience, change the way it uses MH.

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