Chapter Introduction (Using xmh)

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The Chapter Tour Through xmh had an overview of xmh. This chapter explains more about those features and covers others, too. You'll learn how to save draft messages and come back to them later, how to print messages, and how to read and organize your mail with folders and subfolders. One section describes scrollbars in detail, and another section gives you the basics of text editing in xmh. There's also an introduction to MH sequences, which xmh uses more than MH does. Finally, there's an explanation of the powerful Pick window.

Before we get started, a note about MIME: The standard xmh program doesn't handle MIME messages. You can apply patches with the Metamail package), or add a button to run mhn before you send a message (see the Sections Composing Content: mhn-compose- and Changing Buttons; Accelerators). But if you're serious about MIME, the exmh package does much more than xmh -- and is fairly similar to xmh, too.

The Figure below shows an xmh main window with its parts labeled.

Figure: xmh main window with parts labeled


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