Getting New Mail

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By now you should have some new mail waiting. Press the Inc button, from the middle set of buttons, to transfer messages from your system mailbox into your inbox folder. You hear an audible cue if there is new mail, and exmh updates the table of contents to reflect the new messages in your inbox. New messages are underlined (on a monochrome screen) or blue (on a color screen).

To view the new message, click on its line in the table of contents or press the Next button in the bottom group of buttons. The message appears in the bottom subwindow, and the line in the table of contents is highlighted to remind you which message is being displayed.

To view the next message, click the Next button or press n.

To view the previous message, click the Prev button or press p.

Scrolling through messages. If you get a message that is too long to fit into the message window, then the scrollbar changes its appearance to indicate how much text is displayed. The scrollbar is Motif-like. You can click on the arrows at either end to go up and down one line. If you click above or below the elevator box, you go up and down one page. You can drag the elevator box to scroll, too.

You can also scroll text windows in exmh by dragging with the second mouse button. Press the second button over the text area, not the scrollbar, and hold the button down while you move the mouse up or down. If you press the Shift key at the same time, the display scrolls faster. Drag scrolling works in the folder table of contents window, too.

Hint. The space bar is a keyboard shortcut that does a combination of scrolling and advancing to the next message. If the message is long, pressing the space bar advances the message a screen at a time. Once you are at the end of the message, press the space bar to advance to the next message. Press the Backspace key to scroll backwards through a message.

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(This section was written by Brent Welch.)
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