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Sometimes I need to make a "bookmark" in a folder -- to save a message number that I can come back to later. I usually use a sequence named here, though a different name might be easier for you to remember. The command version named here runs mark -sequence here -zero to put the current message in the here sequence. (Of course, you can use different sequence and command names.) To come back to the bookmark, use any MH command with the sequence name.

For example, if I read a message that needs some research to answer, I add a "bookmark" by typing here. After I find the answers, I reply to the bookmarked message:

% show
    ...message appears...
% here
% other messages...
% repl here
To make here as a version of mark, see the Section Making a New Command Version. To make an alias or function, see the Section Writing Command Versions as Aliases or Functions.

Add this entry to your MH profile, or add the arguments to your alias or function:

here: -sequence here -zero
The -zero switch removes any old message number in that folder's here sequence. You can make several different bookmarks by making several different versions that use different sequence names.

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