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Here is a short summary of the preference sections and the features that they control. This summary names the corresponding Tcl module in (parentheses) so that you can dig into the code if you want to. This section is very terse because there are more lengthy explanations of all the settings in the online preference dialogs. This section provides an overview so you can find the preference section that applies to the feature you want to control.

Hacking Support
Enable the debug log. A Log button appears; click on it to view the log contents. Insert Exmh_Debug calls in your Tcl code to log information. Define the directory for personal Tcl code. (main.tcl)
MH Tweaks
Enable background message sending. Choose whether the names of deleted files will start with , (comma) or # (hash mark). Define the age of files to purge. (mh.tcl)
Simple Editor
Adjust formatting parameters. Enable automatic signatures. (sedit.tcl)
Editor Support
Define an external editor, spell program, and mhn command. (editor.tcl)
Define the print command. Enter an arbitrary UNIX command for preprocessing a printed message. (print.tcl)
Scan Listing
Set the number of lines in the table of contents (scan listing) here. Tweak message viewing: Implied Direction, Next Guard, Auto Commit, Advance After Link, Show New Messages, Skip Marked. Choose the scan format width. (ftoc.tcl)
Adjust the MIME message display. Note that the font sizes chosen here don't affect non-MIME messages. (mime.tcl)
Incorporate Mail
Choose the Inc method. You can set Inc to run when you start exmh and when you open the exmh window. (inc.tcl)
Windows & Scrolling
Define scrolling speed and parameters related to constrained text scrolling. Constrained scrolling keeps the last line of text "stuck to" the bottom of the text display. (exwin.tcl and widgetText.tcl)
Folder Cache
Set the number of lines in your folder cache display. Choose folders to keep permanently in your folder cache. (fcache.tcl)
Folder Display
Set the number of rows of labels in the folder display. Control the style of nested folder display. (fdisp.tcl)
Control sound effects. (sound.tcl)
Control facesaver database use and decompression of X-Face: header fields. (faces.tcl)
PGP interface
Choose whether exmh can remember your pass phrase or if you have to type it each time. Enable a cache that speeds key lookup from email address. (pgp.tcl)
Background Processing
Define what actions occur in the background and how frequently they occur. (background.tcl)
Busy Indicator
Choose method of signaling that exmh is busy. (busy.tcl)

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(This section was written by Brent Welch.)
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