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forw: forward messages

+folder (default: current folder)
Folder name
msgs (default: current)
Message(s) to forward
Add Forwarded: field to original message
-noannotate (default)
Don't add Forwarded: field
-dashmunging (default)
Format messages for bursting
Don't prepend "" to dashes in column 1
-draftfolder folder
Name of draft folder
-draftmessage msg
Draft message number (default: current)
-nodraftfolder (default)
Don't use draft folder
-editor editor
Draft editor instead of prompter
Don't edit draft
-filter filterfile, more...
Filter message(s) through mhl filterfile
Use -filter mhl.forward
-noformat (default)
Forward message exactly, don't filter.
Forward in MIME format. Doesn't work with -filter or -forward.
-nomime (default)
Don't use MIME format.
-form formfile, more...
Draft message template (default: forwcomps, or digestcomps with -digest)
Annotate in place (don't break any links)
-noinplace (default)
Break any links before annotating
-whatnowproc program, more...
Program to replace whatnow
Create draft and quit
-digest list
Digest name
-issue number
Issue number (default: last issue plus 1)
-volume number
Volume number (default: last volume)

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