Appendix D: Example Files and Programs

D.0 Appendix Introduction
D.1 Obtaining Example Files From This Book
D.1.1 World Wide Web and Gopher
D.1.2 FTP
D.1.3 Ftpmail
D.1.5 UUCP
D.3 RFCs and Internet Drafts
D.4 MH
D.5 MH Scripts and Examples
D.6 Metamail
D.7 mh-e
D.8 exmh
D.9 Programs in This Book's Archive
D.10 Explanation of append
D.11 Explanation of autoinc
D.12 Explanation of distprompter
D.13 Explanation of edprofile
D.14 The execit Programs
D.15 Explanation of fols
D.16 Explanation of mhprofile
D.17 Explanation of mimecat
D.18 Explanation of mysend
D.19 Explanation of original
D.20 Explanation of recomp
D.21 Explanation of resend
D.22 Explanation of rmmer
D.23 Explanation of scandrafts
D.24 Explanation of showpr
D.25 Explanation of storeparts
D.26 Explanation of xmhprint

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