MH & xmh: List of Examples

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MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers

1-1 Short MH profile
3-1 Encoded MIME message
3-2 Sample multipart message, encoded
3-3 Sample multipart message, decoded
5-1 Using the comp command
6-1 Automatic scan of unread messages
6-2 Finding and handling a group of messages quickly
6-3 Showing a message without mhl
6-4 Showing a message with default mhl formatting
6-5 Showing a message with customized mhl formatting
6-6 Separate MH sessions with different current folders
6-7 A second session with different current folder and sequences
6-8 Automatic mail check in shell setup file
7-1 An MH alias file with comments and real names
7-2 Workaround for vi editor problem: myvi
7-3 vi Macros for entering enriched text
8-1 Searching all top-level folders
8-2 Using shell loops to sort all folders
8-3 Linking existing messages into new all-message folder
8-4 Symlink causes double listing of read-only folder
8-5 packf file format
8-6 packmbox file format
9-1 Shell aliases for MH
9-2 A big MH profile
9-3 Server profile entry to handle audio on a remote client
9-4 Default MH replcomps file
9-5 Updated MH replcomps file
9-6 Default MH digestcomps file
11-1 Unformatted message with long lines in its body
11-2 Default mhl.format file and message formatted with it
11-3 Revised mhl.format file and same message reformatted
11-4 mhl.forward: Default forw format file
11-5 Four messages forwarded with mhl.prodsumry
11-6 mhl.prodsumry: forw filter file
11-7 Sample folder with two messages
11-8 Default scan format file
11-9 Default UK scan format file
11-10 scan.hdr format file
11-11 Date parsing demonstration: scan.dateparse
11-12 Lots of information: The scan.more format file
11-13 The replcomps.addrfix format file
11-14 The rcvtty.format file
11-15 The rcvdistcomps file
12-1 Simple .maildelivery file
12-2 Mail handler for debugging
12-3 .maildelivery that routes to several places
12-4 roady.mhl file filters junk before distributing mail
12-5 Running slocal -verbose interactively
12-6 Sample slocal -debug -verbose output
13-1 for loop parsing a command line
13-2 C shell loop to make 100 test messages
13-3 Bourne shell nested loop to make 100 test messages
15-1 A simple .xmhcheck file
16-1 Default message menu accelerators
16-2 Message menu accelerators with new ComposeMessage()
16-3 Defining two of the new command buttons
16-4 Changing sort order with edprofile
16-5 Button to edit a message with vi
16-6 scan.default format file
16-7 scan.xmhwide format file
21-1 .maildelivery file for multidrop inc
21-2 .xmhcheck file
21-3 .maildelivery file for presort inc
21-4 .maildelivery file for exmh-modified slocal
22-1 Finding an X keysym

[Table of Contents] [Index]

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