Chapter 8: Finding and Organizing Mail with MH

8.0 Chapter Introduction
8.1 Folders
8.1.1 Your Current Folder: folder
8.1.2 Using the folder Command to Create and Change Folders
8.1.3 Changing to Another Folder
8.1.4 Moving and Linking Messages: refile
8.1.5 Subfolders
8.1.6 Relative Folder Names
8.1.7 folder -fast
8.1.8 List of All Folders: The folders Command
8.1.9 List Folders in Columns with fols
8.1.10 Folder Stacks
8.1.11 Renumbering Messages in a Folder
8.1.12 Working in an MH Directory
8.2 Finding Messages with pick
8.2.1 pick Switches
8.2.2 Passing Message Numbers with Backquotes
8.2.3 Storing Message Numbers in MH Sequences
8.2.4 Storing Sequence Name in Your MH Profile
8.2.5 Combining pick Switches
8.2.6 picking Miscellaneous Fields
8.2.7 How Searches Find Messages
8.2.8 Searching a Message Range or Sequence
8.2.9 Searching More Than One Folder
8.2.10 Easier Searches with a `Link Folder'
8.3 More About Sequences
8.3.1 Adding Messages to a Sequence
8.3.2 Deleting Messages from a Sequence
8.3.3 Listing Sequences
8.3.4 Previous-Sequence, Sequence-Negation
8.3.5 The unseen Sequence
8.3.6 The cur Sequence
8.3.7 Public and Private Sequences
8.4 Storing Messages
8.4.1 Copying a Message to a File
8.4.2 Saving Filesystem Space
8.4.3 Decoding and Storing MIME Messages
8.5 Sorting Messages: sortm
8.5.1 Sort by Any Field
8.5.2 Date Limit
8.6 Removing and Recovering Messages
8.6.1 How rmm Removes Messages
8.6.2 Recovering a Removed Message
8.6.3 Changing Your rmmproc
8.6.4 Improve rmm: use rmmer
8.7 Removing Folders: rmf
8.8 Annotating Headers with anno
8.9 Using Links
8.9.1 Making Links
8.9.2 Are These Two Messages Linked?
8.9.3 A Folder Full of Links
8.9.4 Links Between Users
8.9.5 Using Symbolic Links
8.10 Bursting Messages
8.11 Pack Messages into a File
8.11.1 MMDF Format: packf
8.11.2 UUCP/Sendmail Format: packmbox
8.12 MH Shell on a Mailbox File: msh
8.12.1 Overview of msh
8.12.2 Handling New Mail with msh
8.12.3 msh and Your MH Profile

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