Chapter 11: MH Formatting

11.0 Chapter Introduction
11.1 mhl
11.1.1 Formatting the Message Header
11.1.2 Formatting the Message Body
11.1.3 Default mhl Format File for show
11.1.4 forw Filter Files
11.1.5 Screen Size and moreproc
11.1.6 Summary of mhl
11.2 MH Format Strings
11.2.1 scan Format Strings
11.2.2 scan Format Files
11.2.3 The scan.answer Format File
11.2.4 The Default scan Format File
11.2.5 More Header Information: scan.hdr
11.2.6 scan Widths
11.2.7 The scan.dateparse Format File
11.2.8 The scan.more Format File
11.2.9 The replcomps.addrfix Format File
11.2.10 The rcvtty.format File
11.2.11 The rcvdistcomps File
11.2.12 Summary of MH Format Strings

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