Chapter 9: Making MH Work Your Way

9.0 Chapter Introduction
9.1 Running an MH Command
9.2 MH and the Shell
9.2.1 Using Shell Aliases and Functions with MH
9.2.2 Using Shell Variables with MH
9.3 An MH Profile, in General
9.4 Configuring mhn
9.4.1 Profiles that mhn Reads
9.4.2 Making an MHN Profile
9.4.3 What Profile Entries Are There?
9.4.4 Showing Contents: mhn-show-
9.4.5 Displaying Other Character Sets: mhn-charset-
9.4.6 Composing Content: mhn-compose-
9.4.7 Storing Content: mhn-storage and mhn-store-
9.4.8 Caching External Body Parts: mhn-cache and mhn-private-cache
9.4.9 Getting External Body Parts by FTP: mhn-access-ftp
9.4.10 The automhnproc
9.5 International Character Support
9.6 Changing MH Directory Name
9.7 Setting Access Permissions for Other Accounts
9.8 Defining Alternate Mailboxes
9.9 Sharing Other Users' Folders
9.10 Draft Message Template Files
9.10.1 How the Draft Message is Built
9.10.2 The components File
9.10.3 The replcomps File
Special subsection of 9.10.3: replcomps lines 1-2 before MH 6.8
9.10.4 The forwcomps File
9.10.5 The digestcomps File
9.10.6 The distcomps File
9.11 Periodic Cleanup, Checking, etc. with cron and at
9.11.1 Caution
9.11.2 Starting cron Jobs
9.11.3 Starting at Jobs
9.11.4 Note about Times
9.11.5 Output and Errors
9.11.6 List Old Drafts
9.11.7 Remove Messages from rmmer
9.11.8 Cleaning Up Old Messages
9.12 Automatic Signature on End of Messages

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