Chapter 12: Processing New Mail Automatically

12.0 Chapter Introduction
12.1 The .maildelivery File: Overview
12.2 The .maildelivery File in Detail
12.2.1 First .maildelivery Argument: Field
12.2.2 Second .maildelivery Argument: Pattern
12.2.3 Third .maildelivery Argument: Action
12.2.4 Fourth .maildelivery Argument: Result
12.2.5 Fifth .maildelivery Argument: String
12.2.6 Undocumented Arguments 6-8: select
12.3 Running Your .maildelivery File
12.4 Experimenting? Make Backups!
12.5 New Message Notification: rcvtty
12.5.1 Where rcvtty Notifies You
12.5.2 How rcvtty Notifies You
12.5.3 Using a Message Preprocessor
12.6 Storing in Folders: rcvstore
12.7 Redistributing Messages: rcvdist
12.7.1 Running rcvdist from .maildelivery
12.7.2 Automatic Folder Copies
12.7.3 Watch Out for Mail Loops
12.8 Storing in Mailbox Files: rcvpack
12.9 Alternatives to mhook Programs
12.9.1 Replacing All of Your .maildelivery File
12.9.2 The vacation Mail Handler
12.9.3 Running Your Own Mail Handler
12.9.4 Replacing rcvtty with Pop-Up Windows
12.9.5 Processing with at or cron or by Hand
12.10 Practical Tips
12.10.1 Finding Mail from Mailing Lists
12.10.2 Handing Periodic Mail
12.10.3 Think About cc:, Resent-To:, ...
12.10.4 System Aliases, the to and addr Fields
12.10.5 Flagging Important Mail
12.10.6 Making Your Mail Follow You
12.10.7 Splitting Mail to Several Places
12.11 Debugging Tips
12.11.1 slocal Documentation vs. Real Life
12.11.2 Catching slocal Errors
12.11.3 Even -debug Doesn't Show Syntax Errors
12.11.4 slocal Eats .maildelivery Errors
12.11.5 Most Environment Variables Hidden

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