Chapter 6: Reading Your Mail with MH

6.0 Chapter Introduction
6.1 Showing and Printing Messages
6.1.1 The Current Message
6.1.2 Messages You Haven't Read
6.1.3 Weeding Out Before You Read
6.1.4 Where's the Next Message?
6.1.5 Changing Showproc for Viewing, Printing, and Editing
6.1.6 Using mhl
6.1.7 Without a showproc
6.1.8 Multiple MH Sessions
6.1.9 Custom Printing: showpr
6.1.10 Showing Multiple Messages
6.2 Reading MIME Messages
6.2.1 Getting Test MIME Messages
6.2.2 The mhnproc
6.2.3 How mhn Shows a Message
6.2.4 Partial Messages
6.2.5 External Parts
6.2.6 Cached Contents
6.2.7 Showing Part of a MIME Message
6.2.8 Decoding Messages with mimecat
6.2.9 Checking a MIME Message
6.2.10 Alternatives to mhn
6.3 Listing MIME Message Parts
6.4 More About scan
6.4.1 scan Format Files
6.4.2 Scanning Backward
6.4.3 Scanning a Mailbox File
6.5 Checking for Mail Waiting: msgchk
6.6 Other Features of inc
6.6.1 Logging New Mail with -audit
6.6.2 Not Using +inbox
6.6.3 Less-used inc Features
6.6.4 If New Messages Arrive
6.7 Using MH with POP
6.8 Batch-process New Mail: autoinc

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