Chapter 7: Sending Mail with MH

7.0 Chapter Introduction
7.1 Overview: Sending MH Messages
7.1.1 Making the Draft from the Template File
7.1.2 Editing the Draft with prompter
7.1.3 What now? -- and the whatnow Program
7.1.4 Add Text to Drafts: mysend
7.2 Changing Default Editors
7.2.1 Editor-next
7.2.2 Replacing the prompter Editor
7.3 MH Aliases
7.3.1 Making MH Aliases
7.3.2 Naming MH Alias Files
7.3.3 Showing MH Aliases with ali
7.3.4 Aliases in Your Transfer Agent
7.4 Header Fields and Addresses
7.4.1 Fields You Add to a Header
7.4.2 Signature and From:
7.4.3 MIME Fields in a Header
7.4.4 Editing the Header
7.5 Working with Draft Messages
7.5.1 Single Draft Messages
7.5.2 Draft Folder
7.5.3 Deleted Draft Messages
7.5.4 Aborted Draft Messages
7.5.5 Finish Draft Messages: recomp
7.5.6 Work on Draft Folder: scandrafts
7.5.7 mhn Editing and automhnproc
7.5.8 Recovering Drafts Edited by mhn
7.6 Composing and Sending MIME Messages
7.6.1 Example Drafts with Directives
7.6.2 mhn Directives
7.6.3 Partial Messages
7.6.4 Adding an Integrity Check
7.6.5 How mhn Chooses Encoding
7.7 The comp Command
7.8 Replying to Mail with repl
7.8.1 Selective Replies with -query
7.8.2 Selective Replies with -nocc and -cc
7.8.3 Changing the Message Header with replcomps
7.8.4 Reading Original Message with an Editor
7.8.5 Including the Original Message with -filter
7.8.6 Displaying the Original Message
7.8.7 Annotating the Original Message
7.8.8 Replying to Messages with MIME
7.9 Forwarding Messages with forw
7.9.1 Formatting Forwarded Messages
7.9.2 Adding Text to the Draft
7.9.3 Leave My Dashes Alone
7.9.4 Make Your Messages burst-able
7.9.5 No Need for forwcomps
7.9.6 Annotating the Original Message
7.9.7 Creating Digests
7.9.8 Forwarding in MIME Format
7.10 Distributing Messages with dist
7.10.1 A distcomps File
7.10.2 Annotating the Original Message
7.10.3 distprompter Edits dist Drafts
7.11 Sending Files; Using mhmail and viamail
7.11.1 Add Files to Your Drafts: append

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