MH & xmh: List of Tables

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MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers

5-1 Examples of mhn directives
6-1 Some Changes to MH Under POP
8-1 pick Operator Precedence
9-1 Display String Escapes
9-2 Composition String Escapes
9-3 mhn Storage Formatting Strings
9-4 mhn Storage Escapes
9-5 Sample LANG settings
9-6 Draft Message Template Filenames
11-1 mhl Variables
11-2 MH Format Escapes
11-3 Argument Types for MH-format Functions
11-4 MH-format Function Escapes (1 of 3)
11-5 MH-format Function Escapes (2 of 3)
11-6 MH-format Function Escapes (3 of 3)
11-7 MH-format Special Component and Function Escapes
12-1 Variables Set for pipe and qpipe
13-1 Environment Variables that MH Sets
13-2 Environment Variables that MH Checks
15-1 xmh Text Editing Commands: Modifying
15-2 xmh Text Editing Commands: Moving
16-1 xmh Resources
16-2 xmh Release 5 Actions
21-1 exmh Keyboard Commands
21-2 Default Folder Highlights
21-3 Mouse Bindings for Folder Labels
21-4 Table of Contents Highlighting
21-5 Table of Contents Mouse Bindings
B-1 Buffer Mode Names - Comparing Old and New mh-e Versions
B-2 Commands - Comparing Old and New mh-e Versions
B-3 Variables - Comparing Old and New mh-e Versions
B-4 New Variables in mh-e Version 4 and Beyond
D-1 UNIX File Descriptor Numbers
D-2 Shell Evaluating showpr eval Command

[Table of Contents] [Index]

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