Chapter 5: Tour Through MH

5.0 Chapter Introduction
5.1 Getting Started
5.2 Sending Some Mail: comp, send
5.3 Reading Mail: inc, show, next, prev
5.4 Replying to Messages: repl
5.5 MH Command-line Switches (Options)
5.6 Forwarding Messages: forw
5.7 Find and Specify with scan, pick, Ranges, Sequences
5.8 Cleanup: rmm
5.9 Using MIME
5.9.1 Can You Use MIME?
5.9.2 Listing MIME Message Contents
5.9.3 Reading MIME Mail
5.9.4 Sending MIME Mail
5.9.5 mhn Can Also Do...
5.10 The -help Switches
5.11 Other MH Features

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