Chapter 13: Introduction to UNIX Programming with MH

13.0 Chapter Introduction
13.1 Writing Shell Scripts for MH
13.2 Using MH from Other Languages
13.3 How Does Your System Execute Files?
13.4 Shell Command Substitution
13.5 Using Exit Status
13.6 Looping Through a List of Arguments
13.7 Finding Program Name; Multiple Program Names
13.8 A Test Mail Setup
13.9 Mailing Non-interactively: mhmail
13.10 The mhpath Command
13.11 Getting Message Numbers
13.12 Settings from the MH Profile
13.13 Settings from the Environment
13.14 Changing the MH Environment
13.15 Writing Your Own Draft Message Editor(s)
13.16 Get Information with scan Format Strings
13.17 Watch Out for the MH Profile
13.18 Problems with folder, inc, and refile

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