What Computers Support MH?

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If you have a computer running UNIX, you can probably run MH. If you don't have MH, it can be copied from lots of places around the world by anonymous ftp or on tape. Someone who has a fair amount of experience installing UNIX software can probably get MH running on your system. The latest version (which this book covers) is numbered 6.8.3. MH 6.8.3 runs under Berkeley UNIX, System V, SunOS, Solaris, and other versions of UNIX. A few UNIX versions need patches -- so, if you have trouble building MH, check recent archives of the comp.mail.mh Usenet newsgroup or post to the list to ask for help (see this Section).

The xmh program is part of the standard X distribution. The latest version runs under X Version 11 Release 6.

Finally, MH runs across networks. The Post Office Protocol server (the "POP daemon") is a program that runs on a UNIX computer. Computers on a network (other UNIX machines, workstations, personal computers, and so on) can receive mail from the central machine running POP. MH itself can also get mail from another machine with POP.

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