What's New in the Online Edition of `MH & xmh'

5 June 1996
Getting ready to release the book. Added a file copying.htm with information about copyright, distribution and changes. Added a file structur.htm about the structure of the book. Revised the frames interface to make the table of contents wider. Converted the huge table of contents (that used to be the default interface to the book) into a shorter chapter-by-chapter summary... and made a lot of new smaller tables of contents in the new tocs subdirectory.
27 May 1996
The mh-e sections have never been up to date. I replaced most of those sections with a pointer to the up-to-date versions on http://www.x.org/misc/mh-e/. I've also deleted most mh-e entries from the index.
30 April 1996
Added original MH proposal to hiofmh.htm file after I got permission from the RAND Corporation to use it online.
25 April 1996
Added tweaks to CGI indexing program. Now users with off-line copies of the book (on their local hard disks) can run index search on Web server, then click on the index links returned and get their local pages. Here's how it works. If a URL has extra path info on the end, like this:
The CGI index search will return links that point to the user's local filesystem, like this:
1 April 1996
Test online version stable (but still needs lots of tweaking)

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