Widget Class Hierarchy

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If you want to dive into the widget tree and fiddle with fonts and colors and such, the class descriptions are in the table below. I also highly recommend the tkinspect program, which you can find in the Tcl archives.

Main         Top row of buttons and title label
Fdisp        Folder label display
Fltop        Folder label display when it
               is in a detached top level
Fops         Folder operation buttons and folder label
Ftoc         Folder table of contents display
Msg          Message display
Clip         Detached message display
Sedit        Simple editor top-levels
Help         Help window
Key          Color key window
Pref         Preferences dialogs
Log          Error/debug log
Pick         The pick dialog
NewFolder    The new folder dialog
DeleteFolder The delete folder dialog
WhatNow      The What Now? dialog
Error        Error popups
Dialog       General popups
Mid          Frame around Face, Msgid, Status, Mops
Mid.Face     Bitmap display
Mid.Right.Status.label     Message label
Mid.Right.Status.msg       Status line
Mid.Right.Mops             Message buttons

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