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Imperial Software Technology has made available new versions of Volumes 6A and 6B that cover Motif 2.1. Note that the new material in these versions has not been through the O'Reilly editorial process. If you follow the links to download the books, you'll encounter an IST registration form, but you do not need to fill it out if you don't want to. Just click the Download button below the form to download the books.

Volume 6A: Motif Programming Manual

Volume 6A: Motif Programming Manual

By Dan Heller, Paula Ferguson, and David Brennan
2nd Edition February 1994
This book is out of print.

Volume 6A: Motif Programming Manual is available in its entirety in both PDF and HTML formats. Thanks to Gilles Lamiral for providing these documents.

Volume 6B: Motif Reference Manual, 2nd Edition

Volume 6B: Motif Reference Manual, 2nd Edition

By Antony Fountain and Paula Ferguson
2nd Edition February 2000
1-56592-654-4, Order Number: 6544
1167 pages, $49.95 US, $72.95 CA

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