Brian O'Kelley

Brian O'Kelley, CEO and Cofounder, AppNexus Brian O'Kelley is the CEO and Co-founder of AppNexus, an advanced ad management platform specializing in real-time performance advertising. Widely considered a visionary in the field of online media, Brian created the first successful ad exchange as CTO of Right Media (acquired by Yahoo for $850MM in July 2007). Prior to Right Media, Brian was CEO of Netamorphosis, an early social networking and e-commerce site for events and venues. Brian was also an early innovator in real-time personalization and real-time ad optimization at LogicSpan, a consulting and technology integration firm, and later co-founded Cetova, a web-based reporting and analytics platform for enterprise financial systems. While earning a computer science degree at Princeton University, Brian started a web design firm, building an open-source e-commerce engine used by more than 100 companies. Brian is an active partner at Grape Arbor, an angel investor group.

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