Mike Loukides

Mike Loukides

Mike Loukides is Vice President of Content Strategy for O'Reilly Media, Inc. He's edited many highly regarded books on technical subjects that don't involve Windows programming. He's particularly interested in programming languages, Unix and what passes for Unix these days, and system and network administration. Mike is the author of System Performance Tuning and a coauthor of Unix Power Tools. Most recently, he's been fooling around with data and data analysis, languages like R, Mathematica, and Octave, and thinking about how to make books social. Mike can be reached on Twitter @mikeloukides and on LinkedIn.

Posts by Mike Loukides

Face recognition.

Defensive computing

The tools of defensive computing, whether they involve mascara and face paint or random autonomous web browsing, belong to the harsh reality we've built.

Mechanical eye illustration,

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Mike Loukides and Ben Lorica examine factors that have made AI a hot topic in recent years, today's successful AI systems, and where AI may be headed.

Demolition of Pruitt–Igoe, 1996.

Learning from Tay

Whether our prejudices are overt or hidden, our artificial intelligentsia will reflect them.

"The Encyclopedia Americana" color montage of a variety of unidentified butterflies and moths, 1920.

A poet does TensorFlow

Pete Warden’s instructions on building a deep learning classifier looked so simple, I had to try it myself.