John Akred

John Akred is a Senior Manager within Accenture’s Technology R&D Organization – Accenture Technology Labs. He leads Accenture’s Data & Platforms R&D group, which investigates data management & emerging data platforms like Hadoop, BigTable, HBase, Voldemort and Cassandra, and algorithms like MapReduce. In John’s role as R&D initiative lead, he heads up a team of R&D professionals who are building data-driven, analytical applications based on the next generation of massively distributed, horizontally-scaling data storage and analysis technologies. John brings passion and dedication to determining the art-of-the-possible to address Accenture’s clients’ most difficult business problems leveraging the best of emerging technologies and scaling them to enterprise class solutions. Akred has over 15 years of experience in advanced analytical applications and analytical system architecture. John is a recognized expert in the areas of applied business analytics, machine learning techniques, predictive analytics, and operational data mining. He has deep expertise in the application of various architectural approaches such as stream processing, in-database analytics, and specialized appliances as applied to real-time scoring, real-time optimization, and similar applications of analytics at scale. Akred received a BA with honors in Economics from the University of New Hampshire, and a MS with distinction in Distributed Systems from DePaul University. John has a proven track record of delivering value using emerging technologies, and articulating complex analytical and architectural concepts to the C-Suite of Accenture’s largest clients.