Alex Robbins

Alex Robbins works for Factual, a big data startup based in Los Angeles. He is a Clojure, R and Python enthusiast with experience in distributed processing, data science and web development. He also enjoys connecting with other programmers and co-organizes the Dallas-Fort Worth Clojure User Group.

Alex authored the distributed processing chapter of Clojure Cookbook and provided technical review for Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading and Django by Example. In addition to contributing to books, he speaks on a variety of big data topics at conferences, user groups and industry-leading companies.

Alex lives in Dallas with his amazing wife and son, and insane Boston Terrier.


What is a resilient distributed dataset?

May 13, 2016

Alex Robbins guides you through an in-depth look at the Python API for Apache Spark. In this segment, he explores RDDs--the central abstraction in Spark and essential knowledge for anyone working in the system.