Aman Naimat

Aman Naimat

Aman Naimat is the SVP Technology for Demandbase where he is working on creating the first Artificial Intelligence-based, account-based marketing platform. Aman was previously co-founder and CTO of Spiderbook, a data-driven sales engine. Before Spiderbook, he was the co-founder of TopCorner, a platform for Open Government. Aman has been building CRM systems since he was 19. He also founded and worked in various startups in search, trading systems, and enterprise software. Aman was the architect for the Oracle CRM Applications. He was the Director of Special Projects for the CEO's office at Oracle and Senior Director of Product Management in the Oracle Database Group.

Aman earned an MS in Computer Science with research focused on natural language processing from Stanford. He also has a master's degree in Public Policy from Stanford and was a Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has a number of patents and scientific publications on information retrieval, CRM, and databases.


The big data market

March 28, 2016

A data-driven analysis of companies using Hadoop, Spark, data science, and machine learning.