Ann Light

Ann Light is Professor of Creative Technology at the University of Sussex, with a background in qualitative research exploring the impact of current and future design choices. Her fascination with digital mediation led to studying websites and online discussion as early as 1995, and by 2002 she was commenting on the challenges of using networked products. A focus on connected and ubiquitous contexts of use has included looking at design globally—with projects in Ghana, India, Chile, and Uganda, workshops on six continents, and a role advising the European Union on the future of the Internet. She works on design for social change and the politics of participation using creative methods across much of her research. She also publishes on social innovation, human-computer interaction, and cross-cultural methodology.


Responsible IoT design

June 29, 2018

We should take the impact our designs have on others' lives as seriously as we take the need for profit and competitive advantage.