Aurélie Pols

Aurélie pioneered digital analytics in Europe by stating vendor independence and focusing on the interaction of tools and data to support her clients' strategies. This allowed her to co-found OX2 in Belgium, which was successfully sold to UK based LBi in 2008. In 2012 she co-founds Mind Your Group in Spain addressing similar issues revolving around digital analytics, broadening the scope to include Social Media and Privacy. Dedicated to web analytics since 2001, she is listed in 2007 in Avinash Kaushik's top 10 blogs related to analytics. In 2009 she is Web Analytics Demystified's initial principal consultant for US based web analytics guru, Eric T. Peterson. Of International background she served as Globalization Chair for the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) in order to foster collaboration outside the US. Today she serves on the Board of Stockholm's eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and continues to be quoted in a variety of industry related publications. After a decade of gathering technical knowledge about the use of analytics tools through a range of certifications, she focuses on delivering value to the bottom line, in line with current and upcoming privacy legislation. Her main focus, besides continuing to coach analysts and data officers, are data integrations and mash-ups; digital analytics teams with their HR set-up and Privacy within the context of big data.

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Wire art.

The data subject first?

Aurélie Pols draws a broad philosophical picture of the data ecosystem and then hones in on the right to data portability.