Bret Fisher

Bret Fisher is a freelance DevOps and Docker consultant, trainer, speaker, and open source volunteer working from Virginia Beach, VA. He's been a cloud and data center ops/sysadmin for 20 years. Lately, he helps teams Dockerize their apps and systems, and improve their speed of deployment, resiliency, metrics, and awareness. All that DevOps-y stuff. He's also a Docker Captain and Code for America Brigade Captain. He runs several monthly meet-ups, speaks at conferences, and loves helping others. He's obsessed with containerizing any app he sees, and he'll likely talk your ear off about it. He sometimes develops in Node.js, Bash, and general web—usually for open source. When not working, he likes CrossFit, surfs a little, geeks out in the awesome local dev community in Virginia Beach, and travels with his wife. They spend their time trying to figure out how to "live deliberately," as Thoreau would say. Say hi: @BretFisher or at