Cherie Wong

Cherie Wong is the general manager for Amazon CloudFront at AWS, where she enables customers to run their websites and applications globally with the high performance, availability, security, and flexibility of compute at the edge. Cherie joined Amazon as an engineer back in 2005 and has led teams in the design of automated systems and the algorithms that optimize throughput for Amazon’s global fulfillment network. She started the robotics team to seek out Amazon’s next generation of automated systems to support its exponential growth. She has led startups within Amazon, such as and, and spearheaded cross-organization initiatives in search to accelerate Amazon’s machine learning, algorithms, and user experience for fashion-oriented, contextual search. When she’s not trying to move bytes around the internet, Cherie has vast aspirations to be a model athlete, adventurer, and chef. Realistically, you’re more likely to find her sedentary on the couch, bourbon in hand.