Chris Kane

Chris Kane (ACE-A, CCIE) is a System Engineer at Arista Networks who has worked in IP networking for over 20 years. He started out as a radioman for the U.S. Navy, learned network engineering and went on to work for companies like Netech Corporation, Cardinal Health, and UUNET. He's familiar with the operations side of networking as well as the implementation and engineering side and is known for his ability to build and support Arista and Cisco based networks.

Posts by Chris Kane

Old switches

Arista's Virtual ARP

Gone are the days of lining up VLAN Root Bridges and Default Gateway ownership. Arista has an incredibly simple way to solve that design challenge.

Log book

The Arista event monitor

How nice would it be to have a specific log that keeps track of all route, MAC, and ARP moves/adds/deletes? Arista has a built-in feature that does that for you automatically.