Lois Kelly

Lois Kelly, an author and marketing strategist, counsels executives in large corporations like FedEx, SAP, HP, Fidelity Investments, Dunkin' Donuts, TJ Maxx, SAS Institute, University of Massachusetts, The Conference Board, USAA, Sapient, Communispace, and many more. They hire Lois presumably for help on communicating change and mobilizing word of mouth marketing. The unstated, real reason they hire her is that they are rebels at work, looking for a rebel emeritus who can guide them in successfully shepherding their change agendas inside large, complex organizations – and outside to customers. Being a rebel can be dangerous, and they recognize the value of having an experienced guide.

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J. Peress' 1-atm dive suit, Tritonia, explored the Lusitania wreck in 1935. Jim Jarrett was Peress's chief diver and made this dive to 312 feet. This suit was a precursor to the "Jim" suit, named for Jim Jarrett.

Manage your boss

In this video training segment, Dr. Adam Grant chats with authors Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina about understanding your boss and offers tips and tricks to manage up.