Dinesh Nirmal

Dinesh Nirmal is Vice President of Development for IBM Data and AI. His mission is to empower every organization to transform their industry — whether it’s aerospace, finance, or healthcare — by unlocking the power of their data. Dinesh speaks and writes internationally on operationalizing machine learning and advises business leaders on strategies to ready their enterprises for new technologies. He leads more than a dozen IBM Development Labs globally; recognizing a market need for data science mastery, he launched 6 Machine Learning Hubs to work face to face with clients. Products in his portfolio regularly win major design awards including two Red Dot Awards and the iF Design Award. Dinesh is a Member of the Board of the R Consortium and an Advisor to Accel.AI.

Unlocking the value of your data

September 11, 2019

Dinesh Nirmal examines how organizations can unlock the value of their data for AI with a unified, prescriptive information architecture.