Gina Likins

Gina Likins has been working in internet strategy for more than 20 years, participating in online communities for nearly 25, and working in open source for more than three. Back in 1994, she presented her first talk about the internet, called "Netiquette: How to avoid getting flamed online," and she's spent the intervening time developing her own theories about how and why communities go sour (or conversely, grow strong). Aside from her interest in the internet, culture and open source, she's compulsively crafty and a maker of all manner of things, a sometimes singer with a bluegrass jam, and seeker of thrills via a wide variety of adrenaline-producing, non-sporting activities (like roller coastering and arial yoga).


Open source 101

November 4, 2016

Open source software is everywhere, but do you know where to start if you want to contribute, convince your manager your next project should be open source, or avoid recreating the wheel?